Our Safety

Vertigo Bungee sets a 1-of-a-kind standard for safety in the sport of Bungee Jumping. Our entire system is redundant throughout with two or more connections at every juncture in the entire system. Our system is anchored with 2 industrial strength contact harnesses and is backed up with Vertigo's industry first safety anchor. Every juncture point from our anchors to our bungee cords utilizes 2 carabineers opposing one another in direction. Vertigo's personal connection to our cords is also a 3 point system; 1 custom ankle harness for each leg backed up with our top rated personal safety harness. The entire Vertigo Bungee system is comprised of components rated for breaking strengths ten times stronger than that of a Bungee Jumper. In fact, our system is based on military specs used for deploying heavy equipment via parachute. At Vertigo Bungee we use a multiple cord system, each bungee cord in the system is manufactured to carry the weight of our jumpers, but we use a minimum of 2 cords per strand for our lightest jumpers, as weight increases we simply add another cord, again making redundancy and safety our primary mission. Bungee Jumping is considered a dangerous sport; Vertigo Bungee bucks that notion delivering a system safer than any amusement park ride in the world. Join Vertigo Bungee for a life altering and exhilarating experience, where our motto is Safety First and Fun Second.

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